About M. A. Metal Corporation

"Lead (Latin: Plumbum, Symbol: Pb) is a bluish-white, soft lustrous metal, which is highly malleable and ductile, and hence can be easily rolled into sheets and drawn into thin wires.

Lead is a relatively poor conductor of electricity and is used in applications involving radiation shielding and insulation. It is highly corrosion resistant but tarnishes upon exposure to air."

M A METAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of specialty lead sheets and variety of lead products. Having been at the forefront in the field of manufacturing of high quality lead products for four decades, M A METAL CORPORATION is the preferred choice for its customers all across the globe. We export high quality lead products to various countries in Africa, Middle East, Far East and South East Asia.

Business Process

Business Process


We are a reliable, efficient and sustainable manufacturer of lead products. Our manufacturing facility is based in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which includes:
  • Cranes for material handling
  • Furnace for Melting Lead Ingots at 330°C
  • Rectangular Mould (slab)
  • Cold Rolling Mills for sheets, coils and Cadmium coils
  • Lead Shots Machine
  • Lead & Solder Extrusion Machines

The Quality Advantage

M A METAL CORPORATION is an eminent player in the non-ferrous metals space and following are some of the key factors which give The Quality Advantage over the competition:
  • Ready availability of raw material sources from reputed suppliers
  • All incoming consignments are accompanied with quality certificate and tested in a laboratory
  • Process-driven Manufacturing and Stringent Quality Assurance practices in compliance with International Standards
  • Customized packing as per the specific requirements from our customers
  • Consistent track record of on-time delivery
  • Efficient manufacturing practices allow us to offer competitive pricing

Our Core Values

  • Quality


    We believe in Quality at all levels or our value chain – our sources, our processes and most importantly, our people. At M A METAL CORPORATION, Quality is a way of life.
  • Integrity


    Our transactions with our suppliers, our customers and our employees are based on Integrity, Commitment and mutual Respect.
  • Passion


    We firmly believe that excellence cannot be achieved without passion. At M A METAL CORPORATION, we promote a culture of excellence driven by passion.
  • Teamwork


    The strength of an organization lies in its team. We acknowledge and value diversity in people, opinions and experience. We promote a collaborative work culture and encourage teamwork.
  • Responsibility


    We are a responsible corporate citizen and believe in social sustainability and environment consciousness.

Our Mission is to

Provide the best quality lead products to our clients across the globe, at an optimal cost, timely delivery, backed by efficient support and thereby be an integral part of their growth.


Our Vision is to

To be a globally recognized player in the lead industry by making a positive contribution to the world economy.

Global Footprint

Countries we export to

Countries we Export

  • UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dar Es Salaam, Africa.

Leadership Team